Welcome to our family farm! Located in southwest Wisconsin. We take pride in raising affordable beef, pork and eggs for your family while taking exceptional care of our animals from start to finish!

What We Offer

We raise affordable Brown Swiss beef. Available by the 1/4, 1/2, whole or pick your cuts! We are licensed to sell right off the farm if buying in bulk is not of interest to you!

We have chicken eggs from our free range chickens available most of the year. Enjoy the rainbow of colors they lay!

Dirt raised pork! Each year we raise a group of pigs. To get on the list, shoot us an email or call! Piglets arrive in the spring and are ready in the fall. Enjoy mouthwatering pork!

Why You’ll Love Us

Raising and spoiling our animals is something that never gets old to us. They’re treated with the upmost respect from day one and we thank them for what they provide for us.

  • Mouthwatering
  • Affordable
  • Raised with pride
  • Sustainable
  • No implants/added hormones