Hello Hello!

Meet the family behind the farm.

Hi! We are the Hilby’s. Joey, Becca, Sophia and Joe to be exact.

To make a long story short, Joey and I met like all normal people – in an AI training class. We reconnected at the bar and the rest is history. We both graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville in 2011 majoring in Animal Science. Both with agriculture backgrounds, we’ve always dreamed of living on the farm. While we both have full time jobs we love, having the privilege to provide meat for our family and others has been a wonderful hobby for us.

We have two children, Sophia and Joseph. Sophia is three years old and a lover of animals, the best big sister, and loves to help collect eggs. Joe just turned one in March and loves his big sister so much. He also loves to watch the steers while we feed them and the cats love him a little too dearly. We are pretty awful at family pictures (hence the old Christmas photo), but I have about 38539382 photos of the kids on my phone.

By day, I am a dairy farmer with a herd of Brown Swiss, Holstein, and a few Milking Shorthorns at a local farm. Joey works at a dairy processing plant. On our home farm, we raise dairy steers, Brown Swiss steers for beef, many free range chickens that like to hang out by the road, and too many friendly cats to count!

Give us some grace as this website gets built up, but my hope is to share more of our story and meet more local consumers!

Until next time,

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