We Got Pigs!

Yes, you read that right! What’s another species. 🙂

Say hi to Hilby Family Farm pigs!

We had talked about getting pigs last year and just never went through with it, but after having some interest from friends and family for processing pork, we wanted to give it a go!

Thanks to Alicia and the UWP Swine Facility we picked up eight pigs on Monday! They’re adorable. That’s about all I can say right now. 😆 We are feeding them grain along with waste milk from the farm and I’m sure they’ll enjoy cleaning up our garden scraps later this summer!

Can’t get pigs and not take a selfie!

We are so excited for this new adventure! Sophia LOVES them so far. Joe is a bit scared, but one got loose and ran right past him so I don’t blame the poor guy. Stay tuned for more fun!

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