Beef Shares

How does it work?

Once the animal is ready for harvest, we bring it to the locker plant. You’ll then fill out a cut sheet (see below!) to pick how you want things packaged and the certain cuts you’d like. Once we determine the hanging weight, you’ll pay us $2.50/lb hanging weight and then you will also pay the locker plant for processing fees. These fees typically sit around $0.60-$1.00/lb depending what cuts you get and if you order any specialty items. Prices for a quarter (paying us and the locker plant) typically sit around $700 total.

Why Buy in Bulk?

Save money! If you’ve got the freezer space, buying a quarter or half of a cow can be a great way to save money on your proteins! (Not to mention we love that you support our family farm!)

Cut Sheet

Cuts of Beef

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Hilby Family Farm
Hazel Green, WI 53811 USA

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