Oh, hi.

I’m laughing a little bit, because when I made this site almost a year ago, I had the bright idea that I would be a “blogger” and keep you all updated on life. LOL Oh, what a dream that was. If you’re not following us on Instagram or Facebook, that’s your best bet for keepingContinue reading “Oh, hi.”

We Got Pigs!

Yes, you read that right! What’s another species. 🙂 We had talked about getting pigs last year and just never went through with it, but after having some interest from friends and family for processing pork, we wanted to give it a go! Thanks to Alicia and the UWP Swine Facility we picked up eightContinue reading “We Got Pigs!”

Hello Hello!

Meet the family behind the farm. Hi! We are the Hilby’s. Joey, Becca, Sophia and Joe to be exact. To make a long story short, Joey and I met like all normal people – in an AI training class. We reconnected at the bar and the rest is history. We both graduated from the UniversityContinue reading “Hello Hello!”

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