Call/Text Becca @ 262-442-2130 to inquire & order!

Local pickup and delivery available.

Want to save some money and buy beef in bulk?
Purchase 1/4 or 1/2!

(Now taking orders for December 2021 and beyond!)

How does it work?

Once the animal is ready for harvest, we bring it to the locker plant. You will then fill out a cut sheet to pick how you want things packaged and the certain cuts you’d like. You’ll pay us $2.50/lb hanging weight and then you’ll also pay the locker plant for butchering/processing fees. These fees typically sit around $0.60-$1.00/lb depending on the cuts you get. Prices for a quarter typically sit around $700-750 total.

If you’re local and interested in beef, pork, or eggs, contact Becca Hilby at (262) 442-2130 or email us at

Pick up or delivery available.

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